Water Protection

Water is life. We deserve to be sure that when you turn on the tap, clean, safe, water comes out. Our water is under attack by mining companies and ranchers who need to be stopped. I will protect our water to make sure we have enough for future generations.


Our kids are our future. They deserve good schools and the chance to build a better life. For decades our schools have not had enough money to give a good education. It's time to change that. We need to pay our teachers and help our kids be ready for the ever changing world.

Supporting Local Business

I believe in local business. If you have an idea and want to make money, you should be able to do that. Right now, our laws favor Out of State Corporate giants. It's time that David be given a fair shot against Goliath. We need more local business support which will create good jobs and encourage a sustainable mindset for long term success.


I'm not a politician. I'm a businesswoman, a scout leader, a mom, and I will fight for you to be heard. Our "leaders" have ignored us and it's time to change that. We deserve honesty and laws that help cut through the red tape and fees that keep the good old boys club going. We can change that and bring your voice forward.


I believe healthcare is a human right. I support paid family leave, expanding prenatal care, and doing everything we can to keep mothers and babies healthy and safe. I support the right to keep personal care choices safe and legal including abortion. Family planning strengthens communities, and upholds the promise of personal freedom that is basic to our rights under the Constitution.

Our disabled communities have been under-served for decades. I support change to make our government and our state more responsive and accessible. This includes focus on "invisible" disabilities which are common for our Veterans.

Law Enforcement and Prisions

As the daughter of a Law Enforcement Officer, I understand the critical need to support our first responders. Providing equipment, training, and support staff to serve a large and diverse population is important. This includes medical, mental health, and deescalation training. I support community partnerships and engagement zones to foster positive police interactions and keep everyone safe.

It's time to get the profit out of our prison system. Our community benefits from people learning skills and working when their time has been served. We also should do our best to keep families together when there is no threat to public safety and find alternatives to expensive jails. I will focus taxpayer money on building our community up, not tearing it apart.


I am a gun owner as is most of my family. I received my first rifle at 12 years old as part of our family tradition. I will support and defend your right to keep a firearm to protect your family and property as long as there is not a person convicted of a violent crime in your household.

I also believe we deserve to be safe in public spaces. We need to bring back classes and permitting for concealed carry. We need to keep guns off of our school grounds. I believe Arizona can be a leader in closing gun show loop holes and making sure background checks are universal for firearms sales and transfers in our State while upholding the second amendment.


I believe in treating people with dignity and creating clean, safe, and humane conditions for all people who seek a better life in the USA. I believe in rule of law and reasonable processing times for those coming here. I believe families should be kept together.

We need to be mindful of the other things that cross our borders, which do harm to citizens of both nations. We should work with the Mexican government to stop the flow of guns from the US and drugs from Mexico which harms both our countries. We should also be mindful of the delicate balance of nature and wildlife in our beautiful Sonoran desert. I support creating a nature preserve border zone to help protect both our national security and our natural resources.