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Suzanne's Priorities

Suzanne Hug Recovering from COVID

Recovering from COVID

Protect public health, create jobs, and direct cash assistance.

Suzanne Hug Investing in Education

Investing in Education

Better salaries for teachers. Better buildings, materials, and technology. Support services for all students.

Suzanne Hug Accessible Healthcare

Accessible Healthcare

Health insurance for all our children and seniors. Access, availability, and coverage.

Suzanne Hug Save Small Business

Save Small Business

Full support for small and family businesses through investment and immediate relief funds.

Suzanne Hug for AZ House

Servant Leadership

Representatives should constantly communicate with their constituents and make data-driven decisions to serve their communities.

Suzanne Hug Sustainable economy

Sustainable Economy

We don’t have to destroy the land to live on it. We can tackle climate change and grow our economy at the same time.