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Former Presidential Candidate Andrew Yang

Humanity Forward

“It's time to take back our City Halls and State Houses. We are in the midst of a crisis that is tearing our communities apart. Local government is where community-defining decisions are made every single day. One way to mainstream policies such as Universal Basic Income is by supporting candidates at the local level who will fight for a human centered society. These are the leaders who will grow our grassroots movement. You've heard me speak about creating a trickle up economy. Now, let's create a trickle up government too.”
US Congressman

Mike Honda

Former Secretary of Commerce and Transportation

Secretary Norman Mineta

AZ Youth Climate Strike Endorsement

AZ Youth Climate Strike


Judy Stahl
Past Chair of the Arizona State Board of Massage Therapy

Judy Stahl

I enthusiastically endorse Suzanne Hug for House. She will be a strong advocate for small business owners across the state.
Grand Canyon Chapter

Sierra Club


Vice President Joe Biden and Senator Kamala Harris