Letter to the Members of Mesa Unified School Board / Carta a los miembros de la Mesa Directiva de Mesa Unified School District

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Suzanne Hug, AZ House of Representatives LD25 candidate, emailed a letter to the Members of Mesa Unified School Board today, attaching the list of nearly 1000 parents, students, and residents of MUSD who request to keep school online until all safety guidelines are met.


A Fresh Vision: Investing in Education


Strong schools build strong communities. They are our best chance to compete and thrive in an ever-changing world.


What does inclusive education looks like?

What does inclusive education looks like

Let’s finally invest our resources into public schools, as the first step towards comprehensive, inclusive education. Our children deserve to learn about their country’s history in a way that inspires them to build a better future.


Education Matters

Yes for Mesa Schools

"Education must be terrifying the entrenched politicians here in Arizona. They're doing everything to undercut our teachers, schools, and kids. "