Virtual Town Hall with Suzanne Hug, Jenny Poon, and Ryan Winkle: The Power of Small Businesses

Small Businesses sustain local economies. But it has become clear that their voice has not been included by our current representatives. Join Suzanne Hug and her guests, Jenny Poon and Ryan Winkle, in this conversation about the power of small businesses and what legislators can do to support them. This virtual town hall was recorded on September 21, 2020.

Jenny Poon is the founder and CEO of CO+HOOTS Coworking, the purpose-driven workspace in Phoenix and Mesa that is powering up small businesses in the area.

Ryan Winkle's focus is community development since 2012. He has been involved in the growth of commercial areas in South Phoenix, Camelback Corridor, Downtown Phoenix, Tempe, and the Asian District in Mesa.

Suzanne Hug is running for the Arizona House to represent LD25. She is a mom, small business owner, and data-driven community leader.


Virtual Town Hall with Suzanne Hug and Peter Culin: Creating a Sustainable Economy

Solar power, clean energy, sustainable transportation. Arizona has everything to be the leader, but why hasn't it happened yet? What role do our local legislators play in making it possible? Join Suzanne Hug for a virtual town hall to discuss how we can tackle climate change and grow our economy at the same time.

Suzanne Hug is the only Arizona House of Representatives LD 25 Democratic Candidate, and one of the seats that can bring balance to our State Legislation. Her guest, Peter Culin, has been a resident of Arizona for 14 years. He is a small business owner, passionate about sustainable transportation, technology, and science. In his journey to build a sustainable lifestyle, he has encountered unique challenges related to policy.

This conversation was recorded on September 5th, 2020.

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