A Fresh Vision: Servant Leadership


The GOP thinks they’re our masters when they should be serving. It’s time to take back our lives and our freedom from their indifference.

When was the last time any of your representatives asked for your opinion?

We have a Request to Speak system here in Arizona. It’s up to you, as the voter to follow all the news, talking points, and thousands of bills going through the system every spring. If you have something to say about one, you have to log in, look it up, and then can add your name to a list.

Can you imagine a business treating their customer’s that way? Can you imagine Amazon making you track through endless lines of text to add something to your wishlist?

Let’s set a new standard!

I believe in servant leadership. I believe you are the customer.

Your satisfaction is the top priority and it is the Representative’s job to reach out to you. There is incredible software available to track, reach out, and take feedback from people. It requires only a little time but can give you the kind of responsive and responsible government you’ve never even hoped for.

I want to blow your mind with how well serving the people can be done.

We’ve settled for too long. Mediocre or worse has become normal, and we’ve forgotten to demand more. Politics is no longer optional. We know that who represents us is a life and death decision.

The current Representatives for LD25 in the Arizona House have gone to radio silence during the recent crisis and that is not leadership. All they offer is backroom dealings for their donors and little adjustments to the law. It’s a creeping theft from the everyday Arizonan. As we lose services, dollars go into big business tax giveaways. As our roads get worse, the establishment politicians laugh in their rooms with their cousins and friends. As our recycling system fails, they treat us all like disposable, faceless units.

Let’s take back our humanity. Let’s take back our names and our lives and our money.

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