Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter

Candidate Suzanne Hug’s statement regarding the murder of George Floyd


Andrew Yang and Humanity Forward endorse Suzanne Hug

Humanity Forward endorsement

Humanity Forward, lead by past Presidential Candidate Andrew Yang, endorses Suzanne Hug through its Local Races Initiative.


A Mother's Day interview with Suzanne Hug

A mothers day interview with Suzanne Hug

Watch this fun interview with Suzanne Hug and her eldest son on the occasion of Mother's Day.


For better healthcare in Arizona

Better healthcare in Arizona

We need to put people’s health at the center of our elected representatives’ work.


Voting by Mail in Arizona

Voting by mail in AZ

Voting by mail is a safe, easy way to vote in 2020. Register to vote by mail today, it will take you less than five minutes.


Fighting for our kitchen table issues

Fighting for our kitchen table issues

Many of our leaders are disconnected from our kitchen table discussions. I don't feel heard by them. I've talked with a good deal of people who agree that our voices aren't in the halls of power right now.


Leadership in times of a pandemic

Leadership in times of a pandemic

Our world is fundamentally changing. We need to acknowledge that and then build that new vision, lead by elected legislators who care about the people they represent.