Can You WIN?

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"It's time." I told them. "It's time to do more than vote. " -Suzanne Hug

I had the chance to go into the Red Mountain area and recruit Democrats for the upcoming fight. It was a beautiful Saturday morning, 70 degrees and sunny. Many people had their doors open and were working in their yard.

I came to the door with a message. Many assured me there were going to vote next fall as they have for many years. "It's time." I told them. "It's time to do more than vote. "

It's time to make our vision of the future happen. Can we win? Yes. We have a path to victory. There are always divided households and I ended up speaking to a couple registered Republicans too. ALL of the ones I had a chance to talk with said they will vote for me because I showed up.

I've learned that the letter matters less than the person. I see the State House as a way to move our whole country forward. It's time to recognize that laws should apply to all people regardless of gender. Passing the Equal Rights Amendment would do that and will be a top priority when I'm in the House.

I'm committed to showing up. I'm committed to moving our community forward. I'm committed to winning.

-Suzanne Hug

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